Private tour

You can order a private tour to NYC museums.

We do our private tours in Russian and English

Usually we need at least two weeks to make an arrangement with the museum, so please, plan ahead.

Below some standard pricing for the MET tour:

Private individual tour ( up to 2 person) $400 for 2 hours, $550 for 3 hours

Private Family tour ( up to 2 children with 2 parents) $400 for one and a half hours, $500 for 2 hours

Private children tour for 1 hour 15 minutes.

5 children- $350,  6 children – $390, 7 children- $420, 8 children- $450, 9 children -$480

10-15 children- $100 flat +$40 each child

16+ children- $100 flat + $38 each child

deposit of $300 is required two weeks before the tour date ( non refundable). paypal to

Balance is required in full 3 days before the tour.

deposits are not refundable, but we can make a date change if change is possible, but we need at least a week notice before the first date.

for questions please call us 914-772-6919 or  email

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